spookymegaman said: I had been considering doing Plague Knight sometime, but have too many others I want to do first x_x Best of luck to you, hope you finish it in time!! :)

We need a whole group of Plague Knights and go jumping around the streets. xD I’d like to see that.
But good luck to you and your cosplays. :D
Also thank you! ♪

I forgot the last time I sewed up clothing from scratch…

Anyway!! I’ll be dressing up as Plague Knight for halloween! C:

So far I just finished making his robe! I didn’t think I was capable of it. But I did it! By hand! (My sewing machine is broken. ;; )

Next ill be making his mask. I hope I can finish in time…!

Maybe I’ll make his staff, I dunno, but just incase I’ll leave it for last. If not, I’ll just make the little potion bottle he throws.



A whole bunch of Kirby plush will be for sale at the end of November! They range from the standard small plushie size (around 5 inches tall) to the large size Kirby which is nearly 17 inches tall! More info in captions.

According the the original Smash Bros Kirby is 8 inches tall.

The large size Kirby plush is twice the size of an actual Kirby.





mother. friggin’. space. man.

I got some goosebumps yo

Doesn’t make anyone’s problems any less significant.  Imagine a planet more advanced that we can’t see.  


My favorite little jerk! ~<3


My favorite little jerk! ~<3


HEADS UP if you use the LINE app they just released the most amazing stickers everrrr!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh sooo sososo cute!!! ; A;

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animal dude designs for Pashmina, Fuschia, Fauna, Bam, Erik and Julian. i am collecting deers like a madman. 


I drew some Mario enemies because it’s a good exercise and why not.

*backflips into the sun*